Why we should test services and devices?

  • Having professional, qualified tester of IT systems, services and devices helps businesses gain an advantage over the competition.

  • Suppliers of IT systems, rushing to deliver products on time, often neglect quality. This risky approach can lead to loss of clients.

  • Professional testing helps prevent clients’ complaints about services and products, which is of great importance in creating a good, recognized brand on the market.

  • Customers often buy products based upon their first impression. If during the use or operation of the product they discover his hidden defects, they will often turn to the competition. Defects should be detected by trained testers before the product becomes available to customers.

  • Professional testing of equipment and services helps keep your existing customers and grow your customer base by obtaining a higher level of satisfaction with products and services offered by the entrepreneur.

  • Customer reviews spread quickly in the age of the Internet. A company should invest in testing their services and equipment to get the best reviews on the market.

  • Marketing staff is not always aware of the importance of a seemingly minor change of the service or system. They especially do not understand all the dependencies and technical problems that must be solved before its implementation and making it available to customers. For instance, adding an icon on an invoice or changing a message or announcement may automatically change the running of another system or services function.

  • After making changes to a system, ensure that other services already offered run as they should. Even a minor change of one service can affect other services.

  • Any change in system configuration or service can have a significant impact on running of related services.

When we can help you:

Our services are valuable when there are high-quality requirements for the project and when deadlines are tight. We help entrepreneurs develop a good brand on the market, a positive image of the product and help avoid delays and associated costs.

We are particularly helpful in situations when technical or project problems occur, or if there is a need to modify the project during its implementation.

  • Change in scope of services (e.g. the marketing department claims the need to make change of services during the implementation of the project)

  • Simultaneous implementation of services (a number of services have been implemented in parallel and acceptance tests must be synchronized with the deployment)

  • Detected errors (system errors are corrected in the final, critical stages of the project and there is no time to carry out a full set of tests)

  • Control of system performance (a system needs to perform within certain limits, which the customer may not have the proper tools to analyze)

  • Tests in production (it is essential to perform key tests in production while ensuring the continuity of the system for end users)

  • Tests synchronization (it is necessary to synchronize tests among multiple competence teams, e.g., between the department of developers, system testing, quality assurance, administrators, marketing and sales departments)

  • Tests optimization (optimization and synchronization of several types of tests, e.g.,
    System Tests, QA, Efficiency or Security Tests, Black Box, Smoke or Regression tests)

  • High degree of complexity (when there are a lot of test processes to do with limited time for their execution)

  • Test process integration (when there is a need for simultaneous test executions of a series of interconnected systems)

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